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How Did It Start and Where Is It Going?

Rallying is a type of motorsport that mostly takes place in dirt roads may it be private or public with modified cars. Rallies don’t happen in circuits but is a race that takes place from point to point which means that it is a race from point A to point B. If we look back, rallying can be traced back to 1894 where the first rally started. The race was called the Paris—Rouen Horseless Carriage Competition which was sponsored at that time by a local newspaper in Paris called Le Petit Journal. Rallying has come a long way since those times and the sport is still continuing to gain attention and steadily has increased viewership throughout the years.

Top 5 Rally's you should know about

Olympus, Doo Wop, Wild West Rally, Oregon Trail, RX-7 Rally The Olympus Rally is a tradition and is being continued in the last 40 years. The top contenders in the world of Rallying are always present and this always takes place just outside of Shelton, WA. The Doo Wop Rally also takes place in Shelton, WA. Mostly it happens after the Olympus Rally and is also quite famous in the world of rallying. The Wild West Rally also takes place in Shelton, WA. It is a coefficient two events. The recce will take place in the morning while the rally in the afternoon. It has two stages; they will run twice and will have service in between each run. The Oregon Trail Rally is produced by the Oregon Rally Group and has been a yearly event since 1995. This event is sponsored by Mountain dew and pretty famous worldwide. The RX-7 Rally or the Group B rally was considered to be the Golden years of Rally as there were specific modifications made for each rally car to be able to join this event but unfortunately it fell after four years due to a lot of accidents happening in Rallies during that time.

photography-by-jim-culp-mazda-rx-7Flashback to the Vintage Era

Great Historic Rallies- A gateway to the past! Historic Rally or Classic Rally is a type of rally most suited for classic rally cars. It is a type of rally where older cars race under older rules. This is an event in rallying that sends old drivers back into rallying and has gotten a lot of fanfare because of it because it gives a nod to the older generation of rally drivers. Mostly, a classic rally race often takes hours to finish. If horsepower is what really counts, check Mustang Money slot machine on our site supporter's web page - There you will also find more exciting games that can help finance your rally hobbies.

The Incredible Photography of Jim Culp

His Life and History of Rally Photography (an overview) Jim Culp is an iconic figure in the world of rallying contributing years of material to the website and is one of the pioneers in photography for rallying. He has been a fan of rallying ever since he was a little boy. He is famous for his works and has started photography since the 80’s. He is currently living in Olympia, WA with his family and still keeping tabs on the world of rallying.

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