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Flashback Vintage: Present day historic Rallys

goodwoood-festivalQuite literally, there is a returning interest in vintage car rally events. But there is no doubt the general public is being energized by the reappearance of some older events and the emergence of new ones. The owners and drivers of historic vehicles come in two flavors. Those who like to keep their vehicles in showroom condition, spend hours cleaning and polishing their treasured cars and avoid taking them out in the roads. The other extreme is the owner who hardly ever cleans his car, in fact they may just do the bare minimum to keep them running. These people seem to be more interested in driving rather than owning and seek every opportunity to get their motors on the road, even track racing where possible.

These events attracts the public attention and make up a significant part of all-motor sport calendar in different countries. One of the largest is the Goodwood Revival Festival in the UK which attracts cars, owners and visitors from all over the world. There are actual races that see very expensive cars put through their paces in the track, already lovingly restored to reflect the bygone era when the cars originally raced. Visitors are invited to dress up in period costume and the whole weekend is a special event. A similar event on a smaller scale is the most recent Algarve Historic Festival. Just like the Goodwood festival there are competitive races for cars in different categories. In fact there are 16 different races in addition to plenty of exhibition areas for cars. Gambia is the final destination for a historic motoring event where a group of cars racing across Europe all the way from Plymouth (England) to Gambian capital Banjul. This is an unusual event that started several years ago and requires the drivers to leave their cars behind at Banjul after the rally to benefit the local community.

goodwood-revival-porsche-and-girlsAnother fairly low key event is the Volta Madeira, a motoring festival organized in the Portuguese island of Madeira for more than 20 years. Some of the vehicles which takes part in this event included cars from Mercedes, Ferrari, Triumph, Lancia, MG and BMW. Volta takes the competitors over the beautiful mountainous roads of the island during the four day event. The island of Mallorca has its own classic car rally, popularly known as Clasico lsla Mallorca. lt challenges driver on routes all over the island in spring time. This is a very popular event. The oldest car competing so far is a 1954 Jaguar XK 140 around this beautiful island. The most spectacular of the fourteen stages for spectators are those that take the cars into the Tramuntana mountains, north of Palma. One stage runs between the northern town of Pollensa and Lluc, the location of one of Mallorca's most famous old monasteries. Another similar event took place in Malta, Commercial Vehicle Rally a historic one. Organized by Historic Vehicle Trust of Malta at the Ta Qali location. Amazingly on the first running of the Rally, almost 120 vehicles were on display including old fire engines, trucks, vans and military vehicles.

Finally, France has a huge heritage in classic cars and has two similar events at two of its legendary venues. The Magny-Cours track hosts the Masters Historic Festival every two years in July, while other years see the Le Mans Classic festival taking place. Both events include competitive races for pre-1974 and pre-1966 race cars. Another French Classic Car event is the November Sun Run, which start in the Champagne region of France on November 4th 2009 and sees the cars driving 1400 kilometers towards the south of France, finishing on November 7th by racing up the famous alpine climb of Alp D'Huez.

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