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The Incredible Photography of Jim Culp

Jim Culp is a professional semi-retired photojournalist and an enthusiast of car rallies. He currently lives in Olympia Washington, USA. His love for car races and rallies led him into becoming a vintage car racing photographer and he has never looked back ever since.

He is a pro rally photographer and it’s not a surprise that he’s an avid Rally fan!. Jim proudly owns a 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege and the 1988 Mazda RX-7 Convertible. He mostly likes to organize rallies and is a member of groups such as; Sports Car Vintage Racing, Mazda Owners Group, Society of Vintage Racing, LeMay-America’s Car Museum, F-500 Owners and Enthusiasts. He is also a member of many other online photography groups like the Mazda Corvette a site where people can enjoy learning more about the history of each car and where it originated from. You can also find most his work on where you can get to see some of his recent and past published photos.

Jim Culp Photography

The Impact of Jim Culp in Rally Photography

Over the years, Jim has contributed greatly to the car rally industry photography and he has produced tremendous work that most people have admired. He has represented the rally industry through photography leading people to fall in love with the rally industry itself. Some of his most popular photos include; The Skagit tulips, water under the bridge a photo of Chris Amon splashing under a bridge at the 1968 European Grand Prix and the 1970 Gulf Porches photo in Nurburgring. He has published photos of; the 1966 Santa Barbara Road Races, 1967 United States Road Racing Championship, 1968 Bergrennen Eberbach, 1968 Grand Prix De Monaco, 1970 Grand Prix de Belgique among other famous vintage rally races. Jim is also a member of the Sports Action online group, British cars 1945-1975, Sports Photographers, Classic Collectable Cars, and Motor Cycles.

Apart from taking photos of vintage car rally races, Jim also enjoys taking photos of nature. He has published photos of birds, beautiful scenery nature views, and flowers in a garden. In 2013, he conducted a Nameless Rally Photo Contest which only required participants to submit their photos through a Special Stage. The contest was announced on Facebook and there was a huge turnout of contestants. Photography accomplishments his Vintage Rally photos have been branded some of the best in the USA gaining popularity from the people. He has appeared in plenty of Vintage Rally competitions through invitations as well as organizing some of the best rallies.

He has showcased photography work like; the Restomods Unveiled: an exhibit about modified muscle cars in America, Shoveling Ripples: a national wildlife refuge, Green-Winged Teal, Barns, 1968 Pontiac GTO, Hummingbird in the snow, Ludwig Heimrath and Monte Shelton Peter and Greg Picket Porsche, championships in Seattle.

Also, he has published some soccer photography work from the league games in the USA. His online published photos at have attracted 3.6 million views, 2,000 tags and about 3.3k geotags. His great is followed by many people and he continues to inspire as well as make the change in the Vintage Rally.

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